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Three Career Options To Explore In Cloud Computing

A cloud computing career involves a combination of programming and technical skills. You may choose to specialize in one specific cloud platform. In either case, you will be responsible for managing the resources in the cloud, including networks, storage, and virtual machines. You must also work with diverse teams and communicate effectively with customers. Here are some tips to ensure your cloud career is a good fit if you are in this field.

Cloud architect:

If you’re interested in cloud computing, consider a career as a cloud architect. This position entails great collaboration, and you’ll be responsible for building and implementing cloud services for various clients. It’s important to understand the different aspects of cloud computing before you apply for the position.

As a cloud architect, you’ll have to know how to use common programming languages and basic security and networking concepts. You’ll also need to be familiar with some of the most popular cloud services. Python and Ruby are the most popular tools in this role.

Cloud engineer:

If you are interested in cloud computing, becoming a cloud engineer is an excellent career choice. This field involves building applications and managing infrastructure in a cloud environment. Moreover, it requires a lot of programming knowledge and database knowledge. You should also know the Linux operating system, the most widely used open-source operating system, is used by many applications and web pages. It would help if you also learned the basics of cloud networking, which is essential to the field.

If you are interested in cloud computing, start by getting some cloud experience using free or low-cost cloud providers. This is a great way to learn about the technology without breaking anything or running up a huge cloud bill. It would help if you also considered taking a certification exam that will allow you to prove your proficiency.

Cloud consultant:

As a cloud consultant, you’ll help companies navigate the complicated technology landscape and recommend the best solution for their needs. This role requires you to understand the different aspects of cloud computing and how to apply them to an organization’s business model. You’ll also be responsible for managing client relationships. Cloud service providers typically seek individuals with a mixture of technical knowledge and people skills. MBAs and degrees in computer science are preferred, but people with management experience are also highly desirable.